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It’s not their hobby

One fine morning, in a bright, clement room, sat four people. Prof K, Miss P, Student A, and Student B. Prof K explaining some new things, well, not entirely new since those two students have attended his class about it in the previous month.

Prof K : “So, as I have explained, you will need tools to visualize┬áit properly. You will need to code as well”

Miss P : “How’s your programming skill?”

Student A (grinning with full of guilt) : “…Err…”

Student B (grinning with even more guilt) : “…Ahahahaha…”

Prof K (smiling condescendingly in comical way) : “It’s not their hobby, I can tell by looking at their face”

Miss P (giggling condescendingly in even more comical way) : “Don’t worry! It’s not everyone’s hobby, nobody like it, but you MUST learn it! Hahaha”

Then everyone laughing, with two main different reasons.


So that’s it. For the next two weeks this song will be heard frequently ­čść

While for the next six months this song will be the routine