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I was in the supermarket this afternoon, for weekly grocery shopping.

I was looking at some breads and croissants, when suddenly a boy-with 5 euro bills on his hand-approached me and called me.



“Ik adaldh klalfhalhfl  lkfhalhflahf alskfhalfhal lafsdfowe? (speaking in Dutch)”

Here’s the thing, I think he asked about the price of the breads, or maybe he asked me to pick some breads for him since he’s still too short to pick by himself. But I didn’t know how to answer, well, to be fair I didn’t really understand what he said 😐 .

My respond was just shrugging and said, “I don’t know…”


Gosh, I feel so useless, even I can’t explain simple thing like that to kid -_-. Luckily there were two ladies who want to buy breads as well. So the boy turned to those ladies as I didn’t give him expected respond.

Well, I realised that being foreigner here in Netherlands, I rarely have a chance to speak Dutch, except basic cashier-chat in the shop or supermarket. Even them (the cashiers), just like most people here, switch to English when they see doubt or nervousness in my face. I guess that’s OK for teenagers or adults, but that doesn’t work with kids. I recall that when I played badminton with my friends, suddenly three kids came in and playing around with unused rackets and shuttlecocks.

I wanted to explain them how to play it, but I didn’t know how to tell them ^^. In the end I just gave them example and tried my best to explain in silly-sounded-Dutch-mixed English ^^.

So, I think it’s better to learn local language if you live in a place whose language unfamiliar to you, even if they can communicate with you in another common language. To be fair, I know that’s quite obvious. I write that just because I want to put something here for closing this post. 😛