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I was in the supermarket this afternoon, for weekly grocery shopping.

I was looking at some breads and croissants, when suddenly a boy-with 5 euro bills on his hand-approached me and called me.



“Ik adaldh klalfhalhfl  lkfhalhflahf alskfhalfhal lafsdfowe? (speaking in Dutch)”

Here’s the thing, I think he asked about the price of the breads, or maybe he asked me to pick some breads for him since he’s still too short to pick by himself. But I didn’t know how to answer, well, to be fair I didn’t really understand what he said 😐 .

My respond was just shrugging and said, “I don’t know…”


Gosh, I feel so useless, even I can’t explain simple thing like that to kid -_-. Luckily there were two ladies who want to buy breads as well. So the boy turned to those ladies as I didn’t give him expected respond.

Well, I realised that being foreigner here in Netherlands, I rarely have a chance to speak Dutch, except basic cashier-chat in the shop or supermarket. Even them (the cashiers), just like most people here, switch to English when they see doubt or nervousness in my face. I guess that’s OK for teenagers or adults, but that doesn’t work with kids. I recall that when I played badminton with my friends, suddenly three kids came in and playing around with unused rackets and shuttlecocks.

I wanted to explain them how to play it, but I didn’t know how to tell them ^^. In the end I just gave them example and tried my best to explain in silly-sounded-Dutch-mixed English ^^.

So, I think it’s better to learn local language if you live in a place whose language unfamiliar to you, even if they can communicate with you in another common language. To be fair, I know that’s quite obvious. I write that just because I want to put something here for closing this post. 😛


It’s not their hobby

One fine morning, in a bright, clement room, sat four people. Prof K, Miss P, Student A, and Student B. Prof K explaining some new things, well, not entirely new since those two students have attended his class about it in the previous month.

Prof K : “So, as I have explained, you will need tools to visualize it properly. You will need to code as well”

Miss P : “How’s your programming skill?”

Student A (grinning with full of guilt) : “…Err…”

Student B (grinning with even more guilt) : “…Ahahahaha…”

Prof K (smiling condescendingly in comical way) : “It’s not their hobby, I can tell by looking at their face”

Miss P (giggling condescendingly in even more comical way) : “Don’t worry! It’s not everyone’s hobby, nobody like it, but you MUST learn it! Hahaha”

Then everyone laughing, with two main different reasons.


So that’s it. For the next two weeks this song will be heard frequently 😆

While for the next six months this song will be the routine

Wie Ben Jij?

Belakangan ini saya sedang iseng belajar Bahasa Belanda. Tentu saja di setiap bahasa ada bagian perkenalan. Nah, untuk memudahkan belajar perkenalan dalam bahasa Belanda, ada satu lagu yang menurut saya lumayan ear catching untuk didengarkan. Judulnya “Wie Ben Jij”, kurang lebih artinya “what about you?”. Selain ear catching, liriknya juga ada yang menyebut-nyebut nama saya, jadinya ya iseng-iseng saya bikin postingannya aja 😛

Berikut lagunya, barangkali ada yang mau ikut berdendang 😛

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Ser Cleos di APTB

Beberapa hari terakhir ini saya enjadi penumpang bus APTB (Angkutan Perbatasan Terintegrasi Bus transjakarta). Dan sebulan terakhir ini saya juga sedang maraton membaca seri A Song of Ice and Fire. Sampai saat ini sudah sampai beberapa bab awal buku kelima A Dance with Dragon.

Apa hubungannya APTB dengan ASoIaF?

Di buku kedua (A Clash of Kings) dan ketiga (A Storm of Swords), ada karakter yang bernama Cleos Frey. Cleos Frey adalah anak dari Emmon Frey dan Gemma Lannister. Ketika Walder Frey Lord of the Crossing memihak pada Robb Stark di awal-awal perang, Emmon Frey (dan otomatis anaknya Ser Cleos) memilih berpihak pada Lannister. Ser Cleos ditawan oleh pihak Stark di suatu pertempuran, dan oleh Lady Catelyn Stark kemudian diutus sebagai pembawa pesan negoisasi antara pihak Stark di Riverrun dan pihak Lannister di King’s Landing. Cleos Frey akhirnya tewas ketika dia beserta Brienne of Tarth dan Jaime Lannister disergap segerombolan penyamun dalam perjalanan mengantar Jaime dan syarat negoisasi terbaru dari Lady Catelyn ke King’s Landing.

Nah, di bus APTB ini saya sudah dua kali melihat mas-mas penumpang ini, yang entah kenapa mirip sekali dengan gambaran daya tentang Cleos Frey 😁😄 :mrgreen:. Rambutnya mulai memudar, mukanya mirip berang-berang, hampir selalu tersenyum. Senyumnya mengisyaratkan kecerdikan tapi tidak disertai dengan nyali. Saya lupa gambaran Cleos Frey di sinetron Game of Thrones seperti apa, atau apakah dia dimunculkan atau tidak. Saya juga yakin penilaian saya terhadap mas-mas di APTB itu belum tentu benar :mrgreen:. Pada akhirnya, mas-mas Cleos Frey itu turun di halte Kuningan Barat, sama dengan saya :D. Mari lihat apakah besok saya satu bus lagi atau tidak dengan mas-mas Ser Cleos :mrgreen:

*postingan dibuat di APTB, dipost di toilet sebuah gedung di Kuningan :p*

Day #24 – Animal

Another jump to Day 24 😛

a cat playing coin

animal, a cat, playing coin

Taken with my EOS Kiss X4

Day #2 – What You Wore

What You Wore

What You Wore

Today I wore that shirt. I’ve been having that shirt for 2 or 3 years. Taken with EOS KissX4, editing just resize and autocorrect.

So, until next day 😀

30 Day Photography Challenge #Day 1 – Self Portrait

Yesterday I was blogwalking to Rise’s blog and found something interesting (yet challenging), she’s been participating on 30 Day Photography Challenge event. Considering my lack of willingness to post something on my blog in these past 2 years, I think I’m going to participate in this event. Also, it’s 1 December now, so it can be my encouragement to carry out this project.

These are the challenges:



So, let’s start with Day #1: Self Portrait

day 01 - self portrait

Taken with my Xperia L, editing only crop, filter lomo, and negative effect 😀

Hopefully I can finish ’til Day #30 :mrgreen: