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Noisy Neighbour

Let say I’ve got a lot with a house upon it, and I live there with my family. We have a particular neighbour. This neighbour has a far more larger lot than mine, more family members, and clearly is richer than us. The border between our land is clear, and we don’t have any major problems on it.  We live happily and quietly in our poverty and pauverism, and my neighbour also live (supposedly) happily in wealth and their own internal intrigue.

One day this neighbour ask us to check on the border of our lot. These markers are indeed placed in quite a far interval, so our family member could possibly mistook some border. This neighbour wants to do joint marking of our border, so they invite us to discuss the deal. They said they already did some measurement and plan some point to place markers, and inquire whether our family has done such activities. We haven’t done that, because our budget is limited and we don’t see adding markers to the border that already has a clear marker is a top priority. In terms of courtesy and customary we took the plan and told them that we will look on it and revise it if necessary.

Time goes by. This neighbour keep asking our review of the marking plan. We keep answering that we’ll revise it, and pretending that we don’t have issues on it.

Finally we reach to some point : “OK, let’s do it their way”. But we insist to our neighbour that we only able to take small part of marker placement, adjusting our limited budget and priority, and they agree with that.

This whole event of course sparks some question from my family, why would this neighbour insist to narrowing the interval of the border that already clear? Well, we can only assume that they have exessive budget and kinda confused how to spend it. Or, they felt they should utilise some of their family member to keep having activity instead of doing something else 😛


N.B. it has nothing related to actual house or lot. It just suddenly cross to my mind after discussing some job matter with my coworker :mrgreen: