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Same shites different years

Once a year, in the event of fasting month, there are certain routines happening in this country, some of that might be kinda bollock at some point

  • the different methods to determine the beginning and the end of the month
  • female public figures tend to dress up more covered
  • raids on some restaurants or food stalls that still open midday
  • massive discount on department stores and shopping malls
  • online debates on how people who didn’t fasting should eat during midday (yes, this is silly, hopefully it won’t happen)
  • people tend to be more generous with the unfortune
  • kids (and some adults) playing around with blackpowder (or fireworks)
  • reports on how northern Javanese road (or another main homecoming route) being repaired again and again
  • reports on how crowded and jammed the traffic on the main arteri road around the islands
  • reports on how many casuality due to accident during this homecoming season
  • reports on how train and airplane tickets sold out even before the first week of the month
  • reports on how government (or so called experts on TV) encourage people not to bring their family to the capitol from their hometown
  • and so on and so on…

but, afterall, marhaban ya ra madhang 🙂