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2011 Summary

2011 is about to end, it’s not uncommon for people to write summary about what has happened to them during this year, and I’m no exeption of it :mrgreen:

OK, so this is what has happened to me during 2011:

  • My notebook were broken, right after the warranty has expired. Its monitor and battery pack need to be replaced, but I’m too lazy to deliver it to service counter :P. I have senior at office who’s temporary leave office for study, so I use her office notebook to do my work :P.
  • For entertainment purpose I bought PS3 this year, but I manage to bought only 2 original games, and one of them remains unfinished 😛
  • Meet new people this year, particularly blogger. I did several “terrestrial coffee” with some bloggers, whom I already met before (lambrtz, grace, dnial, yud1, mizzy, emina, lumiere) or haven’t meet yet (felicia, jensen, riefu, gentole, danalingga, oelpha, catshade, ai, nasi, and you!! :D)
  • Given responsibility to handle 2 project this year. With my natural talent of procrastination, it all went topsy turvy by the end of the year. Although there were some other external distraction for that delay, but I give no excuse that biggest share of mistake is upon me. Even until now it hasn’t finished yet, though I’m working on it to be finished by the first week of January. Obviously, that’s not something to proud of. Sorry boss, perhaps you can start with not appointing me as project leader next year, I find it’s hard for me to handle project that I don’t really have passion on it ^^
  • On the other hand, I managed to travel abroad for the very first time. Meet and introduct myself and then talk about everything with professor (and assistant professor) whose literature I used on my undergrad thesis is quite something ^^. Also learned that during this digital era, especially in my field, digital products are great in terms of advanced technology, but pain in the arse in terms of profit because it is easily copied. Products of my field, since it’s first occurence in 16th century, is still considered as a colletcable item, and highly valued especially if packed beautifully. For this purpose (as collectable item), printed version is better than its digital counterpart ^^
  • A slight of pride fruits in my heart when I told a certain Belgian (whom I met in Tual) about my profession, and she said it’s cool 😎 (no wonder of it, ’cause weight of the earth on our shoulder 😆 ). FYI, my unit’s field of job’s rarely looked at twice by our fellow co-worker in the office because mostly we play in generalisation rather than specialisation :P. Plus, if your unit just doing some compilation of secondary data, MEANWHILE other units flying with plane to do gravity measurement or collecting primary data of TEWS or levelling with total station thingy or processing an image with some stereo stuff or diving deep in the sea or digging soil in the jungle to collect samples and analyse it or crossing the boundary of our nation even with handheld GPS, that’s when you just need to play it low :mrgreen:
  • Went to Menado but didn’t reach Bunaken, went to Medan but didn’t reach lake Toba 😛
  • Still unable to drive a car 😛 I think I was too buisy (or lazy) to take some course 😛 hopefully next year :mrgreen:

That’s my summary of 2011, and I’m looking forward a cheerful 2012 (with you!) :mrgreen:


Korban Iklan

Seumur-umur, saya jarang banget pake parfum, beli juga ga pernah. Bukan apa-apa, males aja tiap pagi harus semprot sana semprot sini :P. Lagian bau badan saya netral, ga asem ga wangi, jadi ya saya beranggapan parfum itu hanya buang-buang duit sahaja :mrgreen:

Kemudian saya melihat iklan ini di tv:

Entah kenapa, mungkin karena saya suka iklannya, saya penasaran aja ama body spray itu. Maka ketika mampir ke Indomaret sepulang nguli iseng saya beli satu.

body spray

Baunya kayak pernah saya cium entah di mana, mungkin temen-temen saya ada yang make, dan sejujurnya bukan bau favorit saya 😛

Menyesalkah saya membeli itu? Ngga juga, karena emang dari awal duit yang dialokasikan sudah diniatkan untuk dihabiskan semata-mata demi rasa penasaran 😛

Padahal iklan Axe yang bidadari jatoh (ato iklan kapak lainnya) aja ngga bikin saya sepenasaran itu buat beli produknya, ntah kenapa iklan ini malah berhasil 😆